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When a close friend was diagnosed with skin cancer, Holly Thaggard wanted to learn everything there was to know about sun exposure. She quickly discovered that very few people knew how damaging it actually was. She also learned that sun damage started as early as childhood, and, as a mother and a teacher, she immediately thought of her own kiddos and her students outside on the playground without a trace of SPF. Holly did her research and found that the number one reason people did not wear daily SPF was because it just didn’t feel good on their skin.

So she set out to create an SPF formula that people would actually want to wear. A formula that felt so good, and was so good for you that even kiddos would want to wear it, and dermatologists would want to sing its praises. Holly launched her first ingredient-conscious, feel-good formula three years later (winning a AAD Golden Triangle Award along the way), and hasn’t stopped innovating since.