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Shashi is an affordable and fashionable line of custom jewelry that designs with individuality in mind. Hand-crafted in New York, Shashi is a brand that embodies what every woman inherently is and constantly dreams of – the inherent grace of movement, the finesse of every line, the mysterious allure of a flickering light that illuminates, the exotic diversity of shapes and designs and the truly mesmerizing fragility, elegance, and refinement of the female nature.
Gentle, sophisticated, and undeniably enchanting – Shashi is a costume jewelry brand of contrasts that creates surprisingly effective synergy between opposing elements to fully capture the power of duality. Every piece of jewelry is individual – from the meticulous process of craftsmanship that employs contemporary artisan techniques to the choosing of the most precious stones and quality materials, to the harmonious designs that tie everything together. Affordable yet stylish, Sashi's designs are inspired by life itself and its multi-faceted image.
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