Herbivore Botanicals started in 2011 when Seattle-based couple Julia Wills and Alexander Kummerow were looking for natural products that would help heal Alex’s eczema. Having just recently finished studying at Bastyr University for natural medicine, Julia put her formulating skills to work when Alex bought her a soap-making kit, allowing her to create a gentle and natural soap free of chemicals and toxins that everything else on the market at the time was filled with. Not only did the soaps quickly heal Alex’s skin, but her friends and family also wanted to get their hands on some of these natural creations. 
Seven years later, Herbivore Botanicals has stayed true to its humble roots. Everything they make is natural, chemical-free, non-toxic and entirely good for you. Ethically sourcing the best ingredients Mother Earth has to offer, Herbivore Botanicals is truly a sensoria experience: each product not only heals the body and physical conditions but also soothes and uplifts the mind with each application. 
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