See Oahu's North Shore

Nick Kuchar

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This print captures the feeling you get while cruising along the North Shore on Kamehameha Highway. You start your drive by passing iconic Haleiwa Town, and then it's on to famous surf spots like Chun's reef, Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach with surfboards and dog in tow.

Nick's Commentary: "I always say that my art imitates life and no print more-so than this 'See Oahu's North Shore' design.  That spotted pup is Jake who lived a long life of 15 years.  He loved cruising the coast in our Volkswagen van perched on the back seat with his snout sticking out the window.  The north shore is known as the Mecca of surfing and with so many epic surf spots in a short distance no wonder it's called the 'seven mile miracle'. I can't think of a better way to explore it than in an aircooled vehicle with the safari windows open and the tradewinds filling your lungs."

Print is sized at 12"x18" and are beautifully full color press printed on heavyweight smooth stock.

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