Iphone Sash / Nazca

Our No. 1 bestselling sash style was inspired by the beautiful earthy tones of the Nazca lines that were etched into the desert sands in Peru.  Be prepared to get followed down the street for details on where you bought it!

Our crossbody phone-cases are carefully handcrafted and practical.
The beaded strap is removable with a button loop, which means you can detach it from the phone case. You can also wear the strap alone as a necklace to accessorize an outfit.  Beauty with brains!

  • Tassel: Cotton macrame feather.
  • Sash: Wood beads in a natural raw finish.
  • Case: Tan vegan leather

Our sashes are beaded and assembled in Holiday, Florida.

The macrame feather can be kept tidy by brushing it lightly with any hairbrush.

Designer: 35Coins

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