Sunrise Shells

Sunrise Shells are the gems of Hawaii; the all natural color shells which are found nowhere else in the world, and truly unique to the Hawaiian Islands.
Sunrise shells are the shells from a  type of small scallop native to the Hawaiian Islands. The scallop lives in very deep waters (approximately 300-600 ft) surrounding the islands. When the scallops die, the shells are discarded. Over time, storm currants mix the shells with sand and bring them closer to shore. This is how the shells are eventually found on the beach. If you go looking for a shell, you’ll have the best chance of finding on after a big storm, when storm currants have brought a lot of sand up onto the shore from deeper waters. 
Sunrise shells were traditionally very sacred to the ancient Hawaiian people. They are extremely rare and, for those lucky enough to come across one on the beach, they are typically found at sunrise. Hence the name “sunrise shell”.
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