Found By Lucy

Found by Lucy (FBL) was started after a beach trip to one of Lucy's favorite spots in the world. After shelling one day, she was inspired by the beauty of the untouched seashells and wanted a shell in the sweet spot of my neck on a simple, elegant gold chain. Found by Lucy has transformed into a handmade jewelry line designed on the island of Kaua`i to highlight our oceans’ natural treasures. Lucy is inspired by emotion, color and the everlasting beauty of nature. Her goal is to create cherishable jewelry designs that encompass the beauty of femininity with simplicity and grace.
Every shell is unique, all engraved with Lucy's signature ‘xx’ expressing two kisses etched in 24k gold to share love for the ocean. These beautiful seashells, as well as the coral reefs and the fish among them, will thrive if we strive to protect our oceans. Each piece serves as a subtle reminder that the ocean provides us with the world’s most natural form of beauty. Aside from shells, I cherish all forms of Mother Nature and the beauty provided daily.
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